Friday, March 25, 2005

whaddya mean you don't get good friday off here?

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Sooooooo, Good Friday doesn't exist as a public holiday concept in this country. Which strikes me as fundamentally wrong. I mean some John Lennon preincarnation type dies horribly in a freak carpentry incident and gets shoved in a cave and such like 2000 years ago or whatever. Surely that entitles me to an extra paid day off sitting on the couch scoffing chocolates, right?
(By the way, if you're particularly religious or god-fearing and you read my blather at all regularly, I'd advise that you, well, don't).

And it's fine outside, damn it! Waaaaa!!! And I'm stuck in my little oven of an office (this box has 2 climatic extremes, freezer or oven, there's evidently no middle ground), sniff!!
And from tomorrow on it will surely rain because no matter what latitude I happen to be living on, it always rains at easter (divine justice?)
Anyway, on the off chance that it doesn't rain too much, I'll be off up north again, finally convinced the Monsieur to take me to Etretat.

Happy easter everyone!


Jacob said...

Count your bank holidays lucky that you aren't in Blighty, here there are actually less bank holidays than the EC advises (or demands)... your new layout is good.

Nyx said...

oh ta very much. It had a makeover. Still, I'd do more fun stuff if, er, I knew a single bleeding thing about how to go about it ;)

What does the EC demand out of curiosity? And what is the standard holiday time?

r4kk4 said...

you still get way more holidays than i do. *sniffle* (tee hee!)

i have an unpaid holiday and everything is closed. bastards!

Patty said...

brilliant blarneybytes
love yer blog
just found it
funny :)