Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I'm going to Barthhhhhhelona next week (Monsieur tells me they talk that way thanks to some bygone king who had a lisp, and it sort of stuck). I haven't actually confirmed that story as true, I just stuck it in for 'sounds good' value.

Anyway, I bought a couple of Ryanair tickets, cheap (and whose terms and conditions read something like a 'it's your funeral buddy' citation) but didn't bother with the insurance - like, what's the worst that can happen in 3 days man? (Watch this space)
Yes, if Sarah is reading this I know you've just slapped yourself on the forehead haven't you? You know, if you do that too often, you can make your forehead go flat. I'm proof (actually it's probably how we lost our brow ridge, a slow and gradual cognition of the extreme stupidity of others "d'oh, *slap*, ow!")

I could say I was losing whatever point I was trying to make, but I'm not convinced I was making one to begin with.

Anyhoo, so, Barcelona, should be interesting. Have had a hankering to go there since discovering Gaudi - you know that he died by being hit by a tramway - and that was back when they hardly existed, how unlucky is that? (reconsiders travel insurance)

Now would be a good time to start remembering those spanish lessons I took last year (*searching memory banks*)
What's spanish for 'hey that guy just nicked my wallet and passport!' ?


Jacob said...

Cool place - be sure to climb all the way up the Sagrada Familia without using the lift!

Nyx said...

yes, but I'm suffering the secondary bronchial effects of a flu :p (sound familiar?)
You and your climbing! tsk (yes yes, ok, noted on the *to do* list!)
I got a book from Monsieurs parents of the 'best treks in France', maybe overly influenced by my backpacking tales.