Thursday, March 03, 2005

Go bio

One of the things I love about food shopping in French supermarkets (or the old fashioned outside ones, when I get the chance) is the lovely choice to 'go bio' (organic) with almost all products on the shelf - particularly the important staples of rice, flour, coffee, sugar and milk. I kind of like it when my fresh produce doesn't come with a side serving of pesticides either, but you really need to go to bio markets for that.Despite the fact that it's not just me that likes the bio, I was surprised to discover that only 2% of France is set aside for cultivating organic produce. Of the land that has been set aside for this activity, 2004 saw a 3% decrease in total surface area undergoing conversion (a process whereby land is set aside for organic production but has not sold any produce, a process which takes 2-3 years). So as this goes against the growing trend in consumption, it means that France currently imports around 50% of it's agricultural produce. Doesn't make it so simple to 'think global and buy local'. But I try anyway.

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