Wednesday, March 16, 2005

pavlov! aaah...

some stuff I still do that puts my brain back in tropical Australia;

* think small green objects are frogs
* duck my head instinctively whenever my head approaches ceiling height, to avoid the (non-existant) overhead fan
* imagine I can get anywhere within 10km in 20 minutes
* assume movements out the corner of my eye in my apartment are giant cockroaches (yeah, can't say I miss that much)
* have trouble understanding why quite so much paperwork is necessary for absolutely every little thing you do
* expect to find coriander in the supermarket
* say 'it doesn't matter' a lot (seems to scare Parisiens)
* put more stuff in the fridge that really needs to go in there
* generally remember to buy beer for my boyfriend (oh, isn't he the lucky one?)
* keep an eye out for animals on the highway (yeah right, like there ARE any)

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