Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm going to Darwin in 2 weeks!
Kind of a whirlwind booking, was meant to possibly be sometime in August but departure date has been severely bumped forward (and via London, and Singapore and Bombay and London again)
Though I have a bit of a crush on my new hometown, it'll be good to go back home again.


wandering lizard said...

Hey, I just flew that route (London - Singapore - Darwin). The best parts was that I got to finish the movie I started on the first leg, after stopping in Singapore for a relaxing massage and a hot shower. Can't beat the Singapore airport for giving you something to do for a few hours. Drop me a line when you get here.

Nyx said...

Will do! Must drop by to hang out on your balcony, it looks very tranquil ;)
Thanks for the singapore tip :)