Friday, May 19, 2006

At a Dresden Dolls concert

At a Dresden Dolls concert
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This is one of the few pictures that actually worked out from the concert. I was limited to using my boyfriends digital camera, whose settings still remain a mystery. My own camera was confiscated at the door for collection after the show, but luckily they didn't suspect that I might have TWO, yes twoooo, cameras in my bag. I took the Monsieurs as a spare as mine's been on some pretty shaky legs for a while now, noise distorted images and recurring lens jams. The non use of cameras at concerts seems to be a standard fnac (ticketing agent and media department store over here) policy rather than anything requested by the groups themselves. And considering the number of mobile phones that can take a fairly decent picture these days, I don't actually see the point.
Anyway, the concert was great, the support act was Devotchka, whose music I really appreciated. Bought one of their albums at the end and had a chat with the singer - nice guy. The Dresden Dolls themselves put on a good show, energetic, laid back. The gig was pretty small and cosy.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get an equivalence for my Masters all typed up in French with a happy friendly letter from the Ministry of Education all before Tuesday. Because I'm curious to see how badly I could muck up a public servants entrance exam later this year. That is, if they accept my candidature. If you've been paying attention re France and anything paperwork related, you should come up with a decent guess about how many phonecalls to different services I've had to make up till now...My Mum, after practically half her life in an english speaking country, still does not like to communicate over the phone in english. If only I had that luxury. Phone numbers, especially, can be tricky. The bulk of my french generally doesn't require much active thought. I still muck up the odd gender, but unless its a particularly complex verb conjugation or any number between 70 and 99, it generally trickles through the language centre ok.
For anyone not familiar with the french numerical system, almost all the groups of tens get their own name up until 69. Then the compounding begins. So 70 becomes, literally, sixty-ten, sixty eleven etc, 80 becomes "four-twenty", 90 becomes "four twenty ten", and considering the teens are already compound number names to start with, 99 becomes "four twenty ten nine". I should just pretend to be Belgian...septante, nonante...(though curiously no 'octante')


ViVi said...

I think they do that in the French bits of Switzerland, too, I noticed it when we went across the boarder last summer. Heaven forbid the number thing makes sense. *sigh* Sometimes time-telling throws me for a loop, too. I've had to call back the dr's office to ask what time my appt is with my husband standing by to be sure I've understood the correct time!

Anonymous said...

ok... i am jealous.. the Dresden Dolls came to Oz and only did Melbourne and syd-e-knee shows... missing poor sleepy 'delaide