Tuesday, April 18, 2006

un hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps

And again
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the saying goes - one swallow doesn't make it Spring.
But I think the one I saw really did :)
Last minute plans on Thursday
'Is it easter? This weekend? Oh, so not next weekend...Right. So what are we doing then?'


This long hoped for suggestion from my dear Monsieur (who has meant to have taken me to Etretat about 60 times since about November 2004) was more than welcome.

But I have this philosophy:

It always rains at Easter
(seriously - if you spent your life being me, it really does) -AND we're going to the coast - near Normandy (tempting fate much?)...BUT we're going to Etretat. I'll bring a brolley and see it in the rainclouds if I have to. Still, the weatherman wasn't giving me much cause for hope.

But lo and behold - last minute bookings were fruitful (a friend of a friend told us about this little place, in this little village - and no, I'm not telling - if I tell, the next time we make a last minute reservation we WON'T get that cute little room with the balcony and ocean views...) and the weather turned on some spring charm. No traffic jams (the Lille-Normandy traffic is much more reasonable) and a weekend of fresh ocean air, wandering around spectacular scenery and hanging out in the most peaceful, quaint authentic villages that France could offer. As far as minibreaks go - it was just....perfect.

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