Thursday, April 20, 2006

One of the great television mysteries of the 21st century has to be 'why was this TV series cancelled?'. Everywhere you look, same constant high DVD sales ratings, same 'WHY was this tv series cancelled? Why oh why dickhead executives?' comments from reviewers. I will add my voice to the choir - and check it out if you haven't seen it yet and you're trawling around looking for something good to watch.

Still jobhunting. Oh how it rankles. Stupid country. And what is with this mentality that english speaking people are obviously only good for teaching english...? I can't ever imagine someone in Australia saying to a qualified Chinese architect 'oh, well you could always teach Chinese'. Still, being victim to this stupid brainset, and being penniless, I have an interview with the local school of languages next week. Couldn't turn out worse than my last experience. You know what would generate employment in this country? Recruiting a few more people at the dole office who actually HELP place people in a work environment - be it training, volunteer, work experience - ANYTHING even vaguely relevant to what they want to do. To get people actually out of their house and feeling like they're contributing somehow, and making contacts and having something more interesting on their cv than blank spaces between employment periods. The local dole office - the ANPE - is the Agence Nationale Pour l'Emploi. Note that there is no 'A' that stands for 'Assistance', no matter what their happy smiling faces website may like to portray. To date I have had simply NO help from the ANPE. And I have asked. I have asked repeatedly. What they do, in essentials, is record your information on file. And this is all they really want to do. The entire appointment is highly centered on filling as many boxes on the computer file as possible, no matter how often you try and steer the conversation to subjects such as 'What I really need help with is...' And to give you a printout. How is a printout of what I already know about myself actually going to help me in my job seeking efforts? It's not like they even have dole payments to worry about - the employment and payment branches are split into 2 distinct divisions. Talk about getting your moneys worth...

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