Monday, April 24, 2006


Mont Cassel
Originally uploaded by Nyx.
I remember we drove through the rather pretty town of Cassel about a year ago, and I commented that I'd like to visit again. So this Sunday we did - pity the weather didn't hold out on the 45km drive to this town on the hill (Flanders is pretty flat, the hills are few and far between - they call them 'mounts', it's cute, and optimistic) and it's well known for its 17th century windmill perched on the very hilly top of the hill. Mostly, though, we just rode around on our bikes the departemental roads getting hopelessly lost, going 'where the fuck is zeemersteenvordebrouck?'
I thought I was outta shape, but you should've heard this pug dog that some woman was dragging up the hill. I spent about 30 seconds trying to identify where the duck noises were coming from.
Oh, and I'm listening to the Shins - they're a good band. If your brain thrills to indie pop (that sort of sounds like revival 60s folk), you should give them a go.

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