Monday, November 28, 2005


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We got an early taste of winter this weekend, so it was something of a relief that in his last money-sniffing visit, the heater repair guy was able to pull his thumb out of whatever plum tart he'd stuck it into long enough to actually do something vaguely resembling fixing it. The overflow spout now leaks instead (every time he "fixes" it there's a leak that moves location, it's quite a thing).

Also we have severe interior condensation problems, especially in the bedroom that has two walls that connect with the outside world. This reminds me too much of the beginnings of what I was lucky enough to send the end consequences of back in the LAST apartment.

I've managed to control the interior window condensation but the entire wall is just one big wet spot, including the inside of some cupboards, which I luckily rummaged around in this weekend or there'd have been a big tearing out of hair a couple of months down the line when I found a stash of mouldy wet blankets, books, documents and suitcases.
Ok, I've lived in the tropics, I can deal with mouldy damp walls and such, but this is rivulet territory. And its like minus 58 outside or something, so I can't really open the windows. Well, I could. But as soon as I close them again, it just comes back in a few hours. I guess I could crank the heating up AND leave the windows open. That'd work, right?

So how bored are you reading a posting about interior damp then? Given up yet?

This is another reason I need to leave town. I want a different apartment. Again.

I got proactive and went to the unemployment office last week(the half that deals with the unemploymentness and not the money). They basically said they couldn't help me. Thats it, I've been categorically advised by employment services that I am beyond help. They even gave me a bit of paper to prove it. All my other jobsearch news is boring or depressing, or both. But I might punch the next person who tuts sympathetically and exclaims how absolutely inconceivable it is that I'm having such difficulty finding work. Especially if they're a person who has my cv in front of them at the time.


Sean said...

If it's cold outside (e.g. below freezing) and your getting condensation inside then it's from a leak (maybe your heater? is it steam?). Moisture in the air will condensate on the outside walls because they are cooler. You could use a dehumidifier but they are expensive to buy/run. You need to find the source of the moisture.

I can't believe someone as intelligent and beautiful as you are can't find a job. If you came across the pond I bet you could easily score a scholarship at MIT.

BTW, I thought you NerdTV interview was awesome. I have only listened to the audio but it came out great. You may not realize but I think you will be a great inspiration to many young women like yourself.

Rik said...

Hang in there kid. If i had a picture of a kitten holding onto a branch for dear life while a great big, slobbering, snarling dog gnashed it's jaws just millimetres away, I would send it to you for inspiration. Don't, so won't.
Love reading about internal damp, makes a nice change from wrestling with changing land tenure patterns of the Eastern Arrernte.
Am working on a email to you. Might go finish that instead of searching the interent for an appropriately twee motivator.

Nyx said...

Wow, a NerdTV interview. When did I do that then? Sean, Sean, I think you have mistook me for someone else. Though I'm sure in another reality I could be beautiful and inspirational.Aaaah, alternate realities...Interior condensation is from lack of ventilation across the wall surface. It's not yet below freezing though. The only actual solution is a dehumidifier. Or changing apartments...

Rik, dear Rik, one of these days that damn kitten either has to get up on the branch or get munched by that dog. If you see me in Australia anytime soon, then you can assume my foray into the european job market got turned into kitten pie.