Monday, November 14, 2005


Jacob put me on to this article. Long, but a very solid and complete background into the history of race relations in France today.

Puzzling fact for the day
Shorts and stockings seem to be the current autumn fashion thing. Last year it was pants tucked into tall boots. Next year I expect the latest accessory will be a frigging HORSE to go with all the country club fashions.

Latest goss.
I met her. Lucky me :)
(ok, that is NOT sarcasm in case anyone decides to artificially implant some sarcasm in there and ruin my feeble social life)

Finished war of the Worlds. The Martians all get a cold and die.
I haven't watched this yet, but I found out that this was made at about the same time. And that it was totally faithful to the book. And that it was a complete and utter pile of crap,chock full of appalling acting and bad fake moustaches.


anne said...

I'll implant the sarcasm myself then. Lucky you? You have no idea, do you? ;)

Nyx said...
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Nyx said...

or per'aps I cood say dat eet ees you, zat as no i-deah ;p