Monday, February 07, 2005

But seriously, I don't know how to ice skate!

Argh! I don't know how to ice skate!
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Like another Australian expat in Paris, I also enjoyed a very fine weekend, which was pleasantly punctuated by the experiencing of New and Interesting Things. Got stuck in early on Friday night with a visit to the gloriously sumptious gourmet section of Galleries Lafayette where like a bee high on nectar I buzzed between the rows of tasty exotic treats, and settled on a box of italian amaretto biscuits (I admit to being quite heavily seduced by the art nouveau decorative tin box they were in) and some maxims chocolates (again, more than a little heavily sucked in by the tin box, I need to address this box fetish!)
Saturday I left my Monsieur to his devices (packing up the apartment into boxes)and met up with Katia, who I had recently 'met' in a sense, through this new involvement I have with expat blogs (a little vortex I stumbled into quite by accident as one bloggers site was somehow linked with mine through a process I don't pretend to understand via the allconsuming book website). A pleasant afternoon was had wandering in and out of dinky shops and cafes (and once again PAST the Musee d'Orsay, rather than INTO it, something I really should have done by now)

musee d'orsay rhino
I managed to talk myself practically hoarse, and Katia tolerated it quite admirably (and my boyfriend was probably glad to see me socialising out on my own at last, as it surely meant that I might be less likely to stangle him in frustration).

Sunday night was Carnevale! in Paris, so we wandered down to the Hotel de Ville to watch the performers, clowns and drummers and jugglers and general revelry. And I got to grizzle and grumble and rant and curse that my camera wouldn't exceed its optic limitations and give me some non-blurry goods - I eschew the flash you see - even the clowns in associated picture quizzed me about it)

clowns clowning around
Hotel de Ville is also currently set up with an iceskating rink (relatively cheap ice skate hire for an unlimited time on the rink) so me, not knowing how to skate AT ALL, flapped my arms about and shrieked and clutched Ben's hand much in the manner of childbirth wide eyed and gasping 'toofasttoofasttoofast!!!!'. Mostly because I don't know how to stop (apart from falling over), and had all sorts of outlandish nightmare scenarios flashing through my brain - while I wasn't enjoying myself thoroughly! :) didn't even fall down (ok, well, I did once but somebody helped me)

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