Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Don't touch that, you never know where it's been

I caught a shrew!
I just thought I'd share that with everybody.
Actually, someone's pet cat caught it first. I just swooshed in to do some rescuing and exclaim over it's extreme cuteness and pointy noseness and such.

This is about as exciting for French countryside residents as saying you caught a mouse, but it was a shrew, and I'd never seen a real live shrew before.

That is all.


Katia said...

Did you do some taming of the afore-mentioned shrew?

Nyx said...

It would've been a shrewd thing to do.

Katia said...

I must ask - are you coming to the Bloggers picnic next weekend? You should come! We need to support the southern-hemisphere contingent! Bring the frog! I'm bringing mine. We can do show and tell ;) hehe.