Thursday, June 02, 2005

Disposable Society

One thing that gets on my nerves even more than those stupid appliances that are designed so that if one tiny very breakable piece actually breaks then the whole contraption is buggered and not worth or able to be repaired, is that fact that once this inevitably happens, there is often no way to 'ecologically' dispose of it.

By comparison - yesterday, on my way to do the volunteering thing, I came across a couple of shock value posters of strangled dolphins and slaughted leopards as part of a publicity campaign recently started by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation (ecologist) - to startle people into being a little less energy hungry round the house, switching off lights and fixing leaking taps and the like. So I get to stare at an an artists rendition of a dolphin on a living room floor strangled to death by an electrical cord of a light that's not been switched off, while I am crammed into an overcrowded method of public transport, which is taking me to the WWF headquarters to do volunteer work, (where I get to see one of their PAID employees casually flicking her cigarette butt onto the street), and unable to block out the sounds of the squawling baby behind me because a tiny little plastic tab off my walkman which used rechargeable batteries has snapped off, and I have to now chuck it in the bin because big business is unwilling to take responsibility for disposing of the waste it helps create.

So I damn well hope you took the effort to recycle your rubbish today. Grumble grumble. ;p

ps; June 6 is World Environment Day, Be nice!


PTA Mom said...

When we moved here 5 years ago there was no recycling in our neighborhood... except some glass bins down the street. Now we have separate bins for paper, bottles, glass and regular garbage and it brightens my day that the recycle bins are always full.

Nyx said...

yes, it's something that's certainly advanced, though I'd like to see more! (broken appliances for example!!) My grandmothers communal HLM in Brittany also even has a compost bin. Saint Ouen doesn't have recycling though, but as we were close to the 18th, I was at least able to cart all my recyclables down to a communal building bin about 500m away. A bit of a drag really!

wandering lizard said...

yes, I wholeheartedly agree. This disposable attitude drives me nuts. Now, I'll be honest and say that it would bother me less if the things were designed to last a reasonable time, and then needed to be trashed when broken, but things today seem to be designed to break as soon as they come out of the box. Argh, even McGuyver would go nuts trying to patch up the simplest junky tea kettle these days!