Sunday, April 22, 2007

French politicians have fake suntans

There are some upcoming presidential elections round the political corner, and - as with any modern democracy- this translates to a lot of talk time. What is quite singular about the French democratic process is the sheer number of candidates that put themselves forward. The road to presidency is littered with hitch-hikers holding 'Elysée' placards. While most of them will become nothing more than roadkill (circled by media vultures - just go with me on the lonely desert road political bandwagon, vultures picking the bones of the politically dead imagery ok?) it is this system of supersaturation that resulted in Chirac winning the last lot of elections. With the vote split amongst a large number of candidates, the two candidates whose heads were peeping up a little higher from the pile of political carcasses were from the centre right (Chirac) and the far right (Le Pen).

In April we had the first round of voting for the Presidential elections.
In May it will be down to 2 candidates, Nicolas Sarkozy and Segolene Royale

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