Tuesday, August 01, 2006


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For anyone who isn't already in the know, I turned another year older over the weekend. For anyone who should be in the know and is staring wide eyed at the screen thinking 'oh shit, I forgot Nats birthday, again' (I threw the 'again' in for good measure, you slackers), then get those little digits moving and start writing grovelling apologetic emails. Now. Though you can finish reading this first if you like. I probably have something terribly important to say.
So, I asked the bf where madame was to be taken to drown her sorr..er, celebrate the auspicious occasion
'A restaurant - On de game'
'On the Game? What kind of place is that? A sports restaurant?You're taking me to a sports restaurant?' (insert suspicious ready to be pissed off tone here)
'No, not "on the game", on-de-gem' (insert 'what are you, a moron?' look here)
Fast forward to a point in time when I can interrogate someone capable of deciphering this babble into a Flemish village called 'Hondeghem"
Oooh, riiiight...
Just wait until the day he tries to phoenetically translate 'we're going to Coober Pedy'
beur = north african
p.d = fag)

Well, because I got a digital reflex many monthly payment scheme installed to celebrate, nothing short of world war 3 is going to rate a mention. Sucked into the 'Nikon?Canon? Canon?Nikon?' quandry for the past few weeks (just tell me which one's better you bastards!) , I finally settled on a Canon. Until I changed my mind at the last minute and got a Nikon. While waiting the for the unaccountable inordinately long time it takes to get served in this country when there's actually no-one else but you waiting, I encountered another poor lost soul almost on the verge of mental collapse just waiting for someone to definitively tell him which one to buy. He latched onto my 'Well, I was GOING to get the Canon but....' comment like a prophecy from the Oracle. And was no doubt terribly pleased to hear me quote parrot like what he's been reading on countless online reviews for months now. Strangers asking me for advice. I must look grown up.


anne said...

No you don't. (look grown-up, that is. heh.)
Joyeux anniversaire... (and I didn't know, hence do not - repeat, do not - feel guilty)
But I do have a Robbie Williams CD if you still want it.......

A said...

Ha ! I remembered your birthday (almost too late), but I suppose I don't have an excuse, because I only just met you... Really excited to seeing the new photos you'll be taking with the new nikon.. kind of a cheat by starting off with chocolate subjects; they look good any which way you take them. ;-) xoxo

Nyx said...

Ha, sure you don't Anne (guilt trip, guilt trip ;p) I'll take Robbie off your hands sometime, when you're in Lille, or I'm in Paris...
And thanks a. I'm getting those 'shots I was never able to get with a point and shoot' - chat bleu chocolates included