Monday, January 16, 2006

spam zen

Sometimes spam is almost worth opening...
I desirable of much? a superiors the omissions is detachable
She dragon was speaker of drooping it skull handshake
Me wildly screensaver is seeped of goodfornothing a reference
A vegetables the inexpressibly formless it incidentally she precipitation
You pack of shuffled the comrade and land or caution
Not suspicious you shelved and curtly me midwinter fiercely
No mugs is overcrowding this deceased? of menacing the discussion
If freshwater we academy of wroth a surround is springfall
An prudent me opening you goods she least forgetting
Have contrasting cowering of jumping it travel was insisted
Was remains not lovely trade a anonymous or kidnapped
And corpse narrowing is gallantly twice a gesticulate

A bit of grammatical tweaking and that could pass a Fine Arts exam

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