Sunday, July 10, 2005

House and home

Monsieur is back on his idea of property buying in the greater Paris region. So we've done a short round of the good, the bad and the ugly these last few days. First was worst - we took a train to a very faraway suburb (Poissy) to look at a 3 bedroom unit that needed to be demolished from the floor up. Part of a system of HLM buildings (low cost housing residences), the guys mother-in-law had recently died - and no disrespect intended - looking around the state of the place, I wasn't surprised by the news. He was obviously desperate to offload the place onto a poor sucker as quickly as possible. After making the right 'hmmm, yes, interesting' noises, we immediately beat a hasty retreat and marched briskly back up the industrial scenery highway, choking on the dust thrown up by all the passing trucks. Number two was in a high rise village - round Meudon le Foret. The sheer density of high rise apartments was a bit off-putting, though the apartment itself was ok.
'So how about, instead of travelling an hour in every random direction, we concentrate on apartments in our immediate area that we can visit on foot? After all, we quite like it here, and the next door suburb is essentially devoid of high density apartments, and is quite leafy and tranquil' I suggest.

So the last apartment, less than 1km away, utterly utterly charming. I don't think you're meant to find the perfect apartment after the third try though are you?
Anyway, monsieur has 2 job interviews and two financing interviews before Wednesday, so we've decided to take it easy this weekend so he can quietly panic in peace. A proposed trip to Belgium has been postponed till next weekend and I'm just applying for jobs and planning some 'oh crap I'm turning 30!' activities for the end of this month. Thanks to Aussie Lass who put me onto a language school in Paris. There's a possibility that, if I'm still on the jobsearch in September, I may have work with them. Never underestimate the power of female networking!


Katia said...

Yay for finding a Potential!

I have to say that Meudon la Fôret is kindof scary. Not only are there lots of massive apartment buildings, but it's a little... ghetto. I don't know. I wouldn't wander around there by myself at night. Not to mention that the public transport access is not so easy.

That's why we live in Meudon proper. Not scary and 10 minutes walk to a major train station. Unfortunately it's really upperclass (voir snobby) and totally out of our price range if we wanted to buy in Paris :(

Nyx said...

Well, it'd be nice to hope it'd still be available if we're able to sort out financing...but there's a strong possibility that someone else will get there first. Still, it's a positive start to the prospects of the surrounding 'burbs!