Monday, May 30, 2005

No time Tou-louse

toulouse capitoleum
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ok, that will only be funny if you're a Monty Python fan, but I couldn't resist.

Well, one weekend and a lot of kilometres later, and I can now say I've seen at least a little of southwestern France.

Leaving late on Thursday night, we drove the 700 odd kilometres down to Albi (a town just out of Toulouse where we had a free bed waiting). Arriving at around 2am, we didn't see much of the town, but opening the shutters to a hot southern sunny day, we were greeted with a very green view of the river Tarn, and more than a little jealous that this wasn't OUR daily view!
View from our friends apartment
Albi is a town of about 50,000 people that is known for its massive ancient cathedral, and of being where Toulouse Lautrec is from. When we weren't in Toulouse, we spent time exploring the medieval streets, red brick buildings, restaurants, and surrounding river Tarn (full of fish, frogs and birds).
One of the most amazing bits of scenery I've ever seen

Monsieur had his job interview Friday, so we'll see what the ensuing days bring, but I'd be happy to move down there. Toulouse (otherwise known as la ville rose) is a vibrant small city - with a large student population (1/4 of the 400,000 residents), rivers, canals, parks and characteristic rose brick buidlings. The atmosphere was a pleasant mix of Barcelona, Nice, Amsterdam and a little of chez moi back in Darwin. Still taking things as they come, I won't pin all my hopes on a move there, but it's definitely on the list of places I could live.
Pont neuf


Thomas said...

I'm a Danish ex-pat living in Toulouse and I can definitely recommend the city. Give me a shout if you guys move down here or want to have a chat with some natives :)

Katia said...

Aww, although it would be an exciting move, I'd be sad to see you go. You're the only Aussie I know of my age here in the big smoke!
Anyway, I know a Brisbane-born Aussie living in Toulouse too, so if it does become more concrete, I'll send you her details.

Nyx said...

aww, thanks Katia, thats such a nice thing to say! :) Though with possibly TWO people you know down south, that's gotta be an excuse to visit ;)

Thanks also for the offer to catch up Thomas! I'll drop you a line if the arrow points south for us!