Tuesday, April 05, 2005

These are a few of my favourite things

Here Be Squirrels
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The running theme of the week appears to be -

I finally found those penultimate French style markets that have been drattedly elusive - mostly because I haven't been looking very hard - right at the end of our street. Our magical street that seems to have every possible shop you could want selling every possible thing you could imagine. It's like a Paris microcosm...though not actually IN Paris per se.
Anyway, they're open 3 times a week, including Saturday morning, so I can reinsert my long standing tradition of 'doing the markets' on a Saturday morning (though Darwin market cater only in fruit and vegetables and food stalls - rather than French markets which have all food groups covered, in stunning abundance)
anyway, the gourmet baker guy gave me a loaf of something or other (tastes like an anglo christmas cake to me) as a bonus - and I only bought one thing! Nice! I think I need to market my 'foreign-ness' more. People might give me more free stuff to try :D

Sunday was a leisurely walk through a nearby forest - Meudon, where the ground is currently blanketed with small white flowers of an annoyingly familiar plant that I can't remember the name of. Saw frolicking baby squirrels (ahh) and did my good deed civic eco-duty by removing all the rubbish I could find - though I did leave the shopping trolley for someone else to remove...
Speaking of ecology though, there's only 3 more days left at my current job, so my brain is going into hyperdrive for people to bug. I've noticed enough park and nature websites with large gaps in what they consider to be their 'english language' version of their site to be tempted to go into freelance translating as a side career!

And speaking of work, finally my temping cash cow came in, with the contract drawing to a close, today was the day they chose to host the rare event of 'this assortment of lingerie has a slight defect that makes us unable to sell it at its regular horrific price, so take your pick' (for those who aren't in the know, I temp at a French lingerie company, very expensive French lingerie).

Someone told me after that there is really actually technically a limit to how many items you can nick off with - but I shall pretend I'm ignorant of that, just like everyone else did.

Right, next temping assignment, a shoe factory! ;)


Katia said...

I can't believe you were in Meudon! That's my corner of the woods. Of course, I wasn't there on Sunday, but still.

Gorgeous photo!

and hoorah for discounted stuff ;) That's always a positive!

Nyx said...

hum, yes I said to myself that I was really pretty sure that I was in your corner of the outer burbs. Should've kept up with the free theme and called you to demand impromptu coffee and cake ;p