Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pedestrian, cross

I just can't help it. There's an inner rage that rises uncontrollably to the surface every time I see a motorbike avoiding lights/congestion or simply actual traffic by using that most tempting of conduits - the footpath. Unfortunately this rage has a lot of time to seethe and bubble because I see it a lot. Paris can be a tricky as a lowly pedestrian; crossings that don't have lights are strictly ornamental (and never put all your faith in the little green man even when he is there), public transport is crowded, so when you're actually somewhere that you can move with some degree of freedom its like what little is left for the foot power people is also being invaded by traffic. I know a lot of people use motorcycles because it means avoiding traffic jams and makes find a parking space a lot easier. But I think this has lead to an assumption that motorcycle travel MUST always be faster and easier, whatever the conditions. If, God forbid, its not then they'll find a way to make sure it is. I'd prefer that this was an annoying behaviour of cyclists, but there's hardly any cyclists because there are hardly any cycle paths. And if there were more cycle paths? I think they'd probably be invaded by motorcycles.

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